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Stefano Ricci Ties New

March 21, 2019 1 min read

 The Stefano Ricci neckties retail at $260-$275 plus tax (USA), which means it is a luxury tie. Stefano Ricci designs are rich but often conservative and unique. The uniqueness (how unique can a paisley tie be?) comes from this detail: Stefano Ricci (founder) still personally creates each design for the Stefano Ricci necktie collection. (As stated by Stefano Ricci, March 2019).


Most Stefano Ricci are a luxury twill/ satin silk, with hand printed paisley/ ornamental and geometric prints. Some styles are jacquard silk, all classic, all self tipped, both the Stefano Ricci line as the "Stefano Ricci Luxury Collection" neckwear designs.

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