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Stefano Ricci Ties Expected

November 12, 2017 1 min read

We are really exited at Tiedeals to (finally) get a great bunch of Stefano Ricci ties coming this week. Stefano Ricci ties are luxurious, using many printed silk and some jacquard silk designs. All unique Stefano Ricci designs produces in low quantities. Stefano Ricci has been sold at Neiman Marcus for $260 - $285 + tax for years. Of course you are getting a better deals shopping at Tiedeals.

The only tie which might get close to the luxury fabrication and stunning designs of Stefano Ricci might be Zilli, and a few Brioni designs might have a similar look and feel.

For now pick up a great Zilli tie at 40% -70% off retail, and hopefully see you back in November for an excellent choice of Stefano Ricci ties.

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