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Sartorial - Finamore Ties 55% Off

September 23, 2021 1 min read

Sartorial - Finamore Ties 55% Off

Finamore is one of these, almost hidden, sartorial men clothes and accessories company form Napoli, Italy. Since 1925 the main focus has been high quality men clothes minus the marketing. Yes, marketing and fashion trends are not the Neapolitan way, the focus is on the product, like the hand made unlined sevenfold tie. 

Men will hear through other sartorialists and bespoke enthusiast over the years that Finamore is a brand what stand for classic Italian tailoring for the men with a pretty descent wallet. The dress shirts are great, the ties come in regelar fold/ self tipped and unlined sevenfold ties, for sure Finamore is an unlined sevenfold tie brand, as it really is their thing!

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The unlined sevenfold ties is not for everybody. The unlined construction shows extreme craftsmanship but also show slight imperfections as the tie is fully hand cut and stitched, with the very fine stitch to be seen, even at the front blade, when at a close distance. The thickness, when silk, is lighter than the average tie, however wool (blend) unlined ties are the exception.

The emphasize on product quality over marketing and communication has an advantage for you, as the wonderful Finamore ties are sold at 60% off retail as there is not a huge audience for this specific brand, but customers come back for more!

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