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New Attolini Ties - Sartorial

July 28, 2022 1 min read

Attolini ties

Unique and premium quality, hand stitched Italian neckties at 60% off, new styles just added, many classic Italian prints, regular cut and unlined construction neckwear shop Cesare Attolini ties now.

Attolini New ties Attolini Ties

What is it about the "sartorial tie"? As many young professionals, often to get their business outfit in place, pick up a few dress shirts and ties to start with. Often (too) colorful designs of inferior quality brands might end up in their wardrobe. After wearing ties for years, many men with a slight fashion feel, might spend a bit more time finding a nice tie. 

The quality of a necktie shows after years of wearing. Is the tie hand stitched and has it some flexibility (vs machine made). Also the more classic designs, which can be worn for decades, seem to become the choice after years of purchasing ties.

The sartorial tie is hand stitched, is also available in an unlined version (no wool lining at bottom blade), and shows fine artisan tailoring skills which might be nerdy but also make for a quality tie. The (slightly time consuming) hand cut silk, and hand stitched tie make for a unique product. Most sartorial tie brands have a huge emphasis on (proudly) creating quality pieces by hand, similar to the artisan tailors in the Napoli from decades ago.

The Cesare Attolini tie is available at 60% off retail.

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