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Kiton Suits & Vicuna Blazers

September 10, 2019 1 min read

New Kiton men suits added, high quality sartorial wool suits, classic designs. Kiton uses their (Kiton fabrics) 14 Micron wool fabrics for their two piece suit. This very fine and soft fabric is a super 180's fabric. Kiton suits are available with flat front and 1 pleat pants, all single breast jackets.

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New Kiton blazers added, rare and expensive, made with the very exclusive vicuña fabrics from Bolivia and Peru. Kiton uses a cashmere/ wool and sometimes silk blend together with the vicuña fabrics to produce a stunning classic sport coat. Most vicuña blazers have a 7% vicuña content.

There are also other Kiton blazers (less expensive) with a  cashmere/wool/ linen or cahmere/ wool/ silk blend, including same rare LASA collection sportcoats.

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