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Kiton Dress Shirts - New Designs 60% Off

June 03, 2022 1 min read

Kiton Dress Shirts - New Designs 60% Off

The best men's dress shirts you can get! The Kiton dress shirts, sartorial quality, hand made in Italy, has a great fit and comes in many great designs including a solid blue and white design. As the Kiton sartorial shirt retails at $895 - $1095 for most designs, a huge 60% discount is appreciated by many of our customers. Most Kiton shirts are regular fit (Italian) which I refer to as "regular fit - (modern fit)". The shirts fit a slim to regular body type great, but anything "more" than regular will not fit in this hand stitched dress shirt.

More Kiton shirts keep coming in!

Shop the latest Kiton shirts including some linen (blend) summer collection designs.

 Shirts Shirts Kiton

See more Kiton shirts online.

The ultimate luxury men dress shirt and spring/ summer scarves, just new designs have been added! Save 60% - 70% off! As the Kiton shirts and linen/ silk scarves retail (original price) at $600- $1100 range, I would like to mention also the shirt sale section under $150 shirts, and other discounted scarves.


Kiton Dress Shirts

Shop the popular solid blue and white Kiton shirt, and some linen/ cotton short sleeve shirts at 60% - 70% off. Every shirt is made by hand, exclusive sartorial artisan tailoring! Save 60% off retail pricing. The Kiton shirts are (Italian) regular cut, fitting slightly as a modern fit shirt.


Kiton Scarves
Colorful spring/ summer designs, cashmere, linen and silk designs at 60% - 70% off. Great luxury accessory for slightly warmer weather events!

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