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Hugo Boss Ties New

February 28, 2017 1 min read

Some great new styles added, jacquard silk Hugo Boss neckties of the Boss Hugo Boss collection (Black Label). Hugo Boss has been (kept) produced their silk neckties in Italy. As many other Hugo Boss products are made in many other countries, the Hugo Boss tie is a little special (yes that is special for Hugo Boss to make one of their products in Italy). Hugo Boss neckties comes in many classic styles in royal blue/ navy solid, tiny geometric shapes and striped designs, some season their are some square end knit ties and a few hip colors in the collection.

The Hugo Boss tie width (Blade width at widest point) is currently 75mm, compared to most brands this is slightly narrow as most brand in 2017 have a 80mm width blade. Hugo Boss tie length is regular 58" (148cm).


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