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Luxury Men's Gifts

June 14, 2020 1 min read

Luxury Men's Gifts

Shop for a great designer gift for Dad! A genuine silk designer tie, luxury leather belts, silk face mask or a new dress shirt. 

All orders ship within 24 hours. Overnight shipping available.

Great gift ideas:

The Kiton Sevenfold Tie:At $295 retail, most men might not consider this luxury sartorial brand from Napoli, Italy. However as dozens of designs are discounted at 60% - 70% off, this might be a great change to surprise Dad. Both conservative and colorful summer prints available! Shop Kiton ties.



The Kiton Briefcase: Some limited quantities leather briefcases, travel bags and wallets and. Check out the leather paper holder, and classic men's briefaces, ahnd amde in Italy. Save 65% - 75% off. Shop Kiton briefcases.



The Silk Face Mask: Silk face masks with cotton layer in classic Italian designs. Available face masks are high quality and makes for an excellent professional out for Dad's next business meeting.

 Face Masks


Century21 men fashion: as Century21 is currently (2020) out of business, get you men fashion ties and accessories here! Shop other popular brand including original logo gift boxes:

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