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E. Marinella Ties - New

August 11, 2019 1 min read

Looking for a classic Neapolitan necktie? E. Marinella has a large selection of classic geometric designs, medallions and more in a wide range of colors. The classic prints of E. Marinella are designed and hand made in Napoli, Italy. E. Marinella ties are produced mostly with a 9cm - 9.5cm conservative width (most ties run 8cm width).

E. Marinella original store is still open in Napoli (since 1914), the tiny store mostly offers a wide range of E. Marinella ties, expect advice from an experienced member of the E. Marinella store. There is a large part of the store (newer) upstairs with a full collection of E. Marinella clothes and accessories.

Shop the the latest design:

E. Marinella Ties


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