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Brioni - New Branding

August 09, 2016 2 min read

Does Brioni need a make over with a new logo and a new ad campaign including Metallica band member all over. Personally, seeing the "new" ad it did not blow me away. Often you like to identify with the ad and want the same what they want to look the same. however I have to let grow my hair for 18 months and spend several visit to the tattoo parlour to get that image, if I would like it.

Brioni June 2016 Logo MetallicaBrioni has been putting $6000+ suit on President Obama, Kofi Annan, several James Bond movie stars, and it seems Donald Trump has more than one solid pink Brioni tie in his closet (or he is wearing it).

Some brands have tapped into a "sub" market with a red label, black label, green label or other differentiation. To name a few: Versace Jeans, Armani Collezioni, Cipa 1960 (Kiton), Z Zegna and even Missoni for Target (US market remember?:crashed Target website). In this case, Brioni rebrands Brioni, scary!


Brioni has been making a great suit, beautiful dress shirt and winning design silk ties. Especially the Brioni ties seem to keep come back every season with very interesting designs (some comparable brands fell asleep for a couple of years it seems sometimes, pretty much offer similar styles for more than a decade).

Brioni - New Branding Good Or Bad?

I have not spend months of intense research like the Brioni marketing team but: My first instinct is: No good, summarized: cutting into a "different audience" in this case might also draw away existing customers to other brands where they might more comfortable with or will identify with more. Especially since Brioni prices have gone up, very close to sartorial quality competitors like Luigi Borrelli and Kiton.

Another note is that, I think, the ad campaign looks more like dressed up thing instead of seeing some guys feel very comfortable and self conscious. Still love their music though!.


Shop for the same old Brioni (and it is nice!).

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