Zilli Sevenfold Tie Gray Floral Stripes & Dots - Wide Necktie

Zilli TiesZilli


Authentic Zilli sevenfold tie, Gray Floral Stripes & Dots design, conservative width necktie, jacquard silk, hand made in Italy. What a luxury, one of the finest sevenfold ties in the world, great design for a wedding or evening event! Zilli ties, very high quality, genuine Zilli men collection. 

  • Colors: Gray
  • Construction: Sevenfold Tie
  • Fabrics: 100% Silk
  • Size: Wide Tie: Width 3.75" / 95mm
  • Origin: Hand Made in Italy
  • Brand: Zilli
  • Original Zilli Gift Bag
  • Genuine/ Authentic / First Quality
  • Product Code: zill171150

Zilli is a very exclusive Fashion brand from Paris, focussing on bespoke quality men clothes and accessories.