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VK Nagrani Socks 1939 Jacquard Gray Houndstooth VKNAGRANI GOLD Over The Calf

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VK Nagrani Socks | Wool SocksMen Designer Socks

VK Nagrani

VK Nagrani socks, gray/ black 1939 jacquards, VKNAGRANI GOLD, fancy wool blend, men over-the-calf socks, hand linked toe, high quality socks for men. VK Nagrani New York. 

  • Colors: Gray/ Black
  • Size: Fits All Sizes, Over The Calf
  • Fabrics: 90% Merino Wool Extrafine 8% Polyamide 2%Elastane
  • Origin: Italy
  • Brand: VK Nagrani
  • Genuine / Authentic
  • Prod. Code: nagr-so160421

VKNAGRANI GOLD was created to celebrate the "GOLDEN ERA", when artisan craftsmanship was the status quo. These limited edition socks are made the same way luxury hosiery was made before WW2. VKNAGRANI GOLD combined luxury fabrics with modern technology and produced this collection on a machine that has been dormant for over 35 years. VKNAGRANI GOLD will make you appreciate true craftsmanship again.

Note: Turn the socks inside out and wash before you wear it.

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