Le Noeud Papillon

Le Noeud Papillon Silk Eye Shades Dark Blue Floral

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Le Noeud Papillon

Le Noeud Papillon silk eye shades with Dark Blue Floral/ Copper Black Floral design, merino wool lining, hand made in Australia. Le Noeud Papillon specializes in top quality bow ties and accessories using fancy Italian silks. More silk eye shades.

  • Colors: Dark Blue/ Copper-Brown/ Black
  • Fabrics: 100% Jacquard Silk (Merino Wool Lining)
  • Size: Fits All
  • Hand Made in Australia
  • Brand: Le Noeud Papillon
  • Genuine/ Authentic/ First Quality
  • Product Code: leno-ey171123

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