Le Noeud Papillon

Le Noeud Papillon Bow Tie Red Blue Floral Yuzen Silk - Self Tie

Le Noeud Papillon Bow Ties | Designer Bow Ties

Le Noeud Papillon

Luxury Le Noeud Papillon silk bow tie, red floral Yuzen silk with royal blue reverse silk, self tie, modified butterfly. Le Noeud Papillon specializes in top quality bow ties using Italian silks, hand made in Sydney, Australia. Black Ties & Bow Ties.

  • Colors: Red / Blue
  • Fabrics: Fancy Yuzen Silk (Japan)
  • Style: Modified Butterfly, Self Tie
  • Size: Medium/Large: 7cm / 2.75" Tall
  • Hand Made in Sydney, Australia
  • Original Gift Box Upon Request
  • Genuine/ Authentic
  • Product Code: leno-bo210335

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