Kiton Tie Taupe Aqua Geometric - Unlined Sevenfold Necktie SALE

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Kiton Napoli

REDUCED - Genuine Kiton tie with Taupe / Aqua Geometric design, silk, unlined sevenfold tie, hand made in Italy. The Kiton tie is one of the best sevenfold ties in the world. Shop unlined ties.

  • Colors: Taupe / Aqua
  • Style: Unlined Sevenfold Tie
  • Size: Width 3" / 75mm, Regular Length 58"
  • Fabrics: 100% Silk
  • Origin: Hand Made in Italy
  • Brand: Kiton Napoli
  • Genuine / Authentic / First Quality
  • Product Code: kito190544

The Kiton tie is still made like the Neapolitan masters did generations ago, seven folds and all hand made passages. 

Kiton is specializing in sartorial/ bespoke clothes for men and is famous for its' sevenfold tie.

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