Kiton Sweater 14 Micron Jemala Wool Anthracite Gray 2XL

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Genuine Kiton sweater, very fancy 14 Micron Jemala Wool, anthracite gray, hand made in Italy. Experience the impeccable hand stitching and extremely fine wool/ cashmere fabrics, Kiton at its best. View all discount men cashmere sweaters. The 14 Micron Jemala wool is softer than cashmere. Shop: Kiton Sweaters.

  • Size: 2XL
  • Colors: Anthracite Gray
  • Style: Long Sleeve Classic Crewneck Sweater
  • Fabrics: 14 Micron Jemala Wool
  • Origin: Hand Made in Italy
  • Brand: Kiton Napoli
  • Genuine/ Authentic
  • Prod Number: kito-sw151186

The 14 Micron Jemala wool is one of the most luxurious fabrics available: The Jemala wool sweaters is very soft. Expect the best.

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