Finamore Napoli

Finamore Sevenfold Tie Red Orange Blue Floral - Self Tipped

Finamore Napoli Ties | Sevenfold Ties

Finamore Napoli

Finamore sevenfold tie with Red / Orange / Blue Floral design, self tipped, jacquard silk, hand made in Italy. Finamore ties are sartorial quality and hand made in Italy, since 1925. Bespoke quality men sevenfold ties and accessories. Shop Sevenfold neckties.

  • Colors: Red / Orange / Blue
  • Fabrics: 100% Jacquard Silk, Self Tipped
  • Construction: Sevenfold Tie
  • Origin: Hand Made in Italy
  • Brand: Finamore Napoli
  • Size: Width: 3.15" / 8cm
  • Genuine/ Authentic/ Brand New
  • Product Code: fina170734

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