Canali Dress Shirt Periwinkle Blue Impeccable - Slim Fit Dress Shirt 44 - 17 1/2

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Genuine Canali dress shirt, Impeccabile collection, periwinkle blue design, slim fit shirt, (slightly) pointed collar, button cuffs, dress shirt, made in Italy. Genuine Canali men collection, made in Italy. View all discount Canali dress shirts | slim fit dress shirts.

  • Size: 44 - 17 1/2
  • Style: Impeccable/ Impeccabile
  • Color: Periwinkle Blue 
  • Fabrics: 100% Egyptian/ Supima Cotton
  • Collar: (Slightly) Pointed Collar
  • Cuffs: Barrel Cuff
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Front Pocket: No
  • Brand: Canali, Impeccable
  • Made in Italy / Authentic
  • Product Code: cana-sh171221

The Canali’s new Impeccable dress shirt is made of revolutionary fabric that is resistant to crumpling, it uses the body’s natural heat to even out the creases! Canali uses the best cottons for the shirt: US Supima cotton and Egyptian Giza cotton. The Canali dress shirt undergoes a special treatment resulting in a flexible and elastic textile, which is extremely breathable. The shirt also feels very soft for superior comfort.

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