Looking for a quality colorful tie? Duchamp London has been making jacquard silk ties for more than a decade, years ago they used a very thick jacquard silk for their colorful prints. Currently the Duchamp silks are medium weight and makes a more average size knot. Duchamp has a nice selection of colorful Duchamp cufflinks, Duchamp ties and more accessories. There are a few Duchamp ties left at 40% - 70% off retail:


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Duchamp Ties - Pictures 2015 Collection

Jacquard Silk Duchamp Neckties, Duchamp Ties - Pictures 2015 Collection Photos

Duchamp 2015 Collection Duchamp 2015 Collection ties Duchamp 2015 Collection Silk Neckties


Duchamp Ties - Pictures 2011/ 2012 Collection

Jacquard silk Duchamp neckties, Duchamp jacquard silk ties - Pictures 2011/ 2012 Collection Photos

Duchamp Tie Silk Duchamp Ties 2012  Duchamp Ties