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Le Noeud Papillon Skinny Batwing Bow Tie Yellow-Gold Sky Blue SALE

Le Noeud Papillon Bow Ties | Designer Bow Ties

Le Noeud Papillon

Fancy Le Noeud Papillon silk bow tie, yellow gold with sky blue and taupe design, self tie skinny batwing bow tie. Luxurious silk black bow tie. Le Noeud Papillon specializes in top quality bow ties using Italian silks, hand made in Australia.

  • Colors: Yellow-Gold/ Sky Blue/ Taupe
  • Fabrics: Fancy Italian Silk
  • Style: Skinny Batwing, Self Tie, Ships Tied
  • Size: 5.5cm / 2.2" Tall
  • Hand Made in Australia
  • Genuine/ Authentic/ First Quality
  • Product Code: leno-bo220271